A loan processor can work in various places like banks, realty companies, mortgage companies, financial institutions or brokerage firms

A loan processor can work in various places like banks, realty companies, mortgage companies, financial institutions or brokerage firms

A loan processor will have excellent verbal and written communication skills as they deal with customers and their paperwork all day. This skill is crucial to the position and will need to show through a well-organized resume and well-written cover letter. Having some background in customer service, even if it was your high school job in retail, can also be beneficial.

For example, you could write in a job duties section, “ Helped customers pick out the right products for their needs, and received the employee of the month award for my excellent customer service skills. ”

Data entry and detail-oriented

You will constantly be on the computer in a loan processing role, so having basic data entry skills will help you succeed. Along with this, you will need to be detail-oriented as you will be checking applications for accurate information and making sure everything is complete before sending it to the underwriter.

Loan processor work environment

The work environment for a loan processor can be fast-paced and challenging on any given day. Some loan processors can work from a home office, as long as they are available to clients during the process. A loan processor works regular business hours Monday through Friday. While they don’t typically work on Saturdays, it is often an option. They usually cannot be self-employed because they work with licensed loan officers and underwriters.

How to become a loan processor

While a certificate is not required, it can help you stand out to a potential employer. The right knowledge, education and skills are critical in the process of becoming a loan processor. Specific skills like being detail-oriented, highly organized, having good customer service, excellent communication skills and technical ability in various software applications will bode well on your resume:

1. Pursue education

While a high school degree or GED is a minimal requirement, a certificate from an accredited college would be beneficial to show advanced preparation. College could also provide you with an opportunity for an internship while completing school. Taking classes in real estate and finance may look favorable to the employer, as well as show initiative to gaining real-world training.

2. Obtain work experience

Relevant work experience is key to making your resume stand out. Work experience in related fields like finance or real estate will help grow your skills and prepare you for this position. You will also gain invaluable real-world experience while working in this position and a better understanding of the loan approval process. Other professional experience will be useful if it shows relatable skills like being well organized, detail-oriented and providing excellent customer service.

3. Career advancement

If you’d like to move further along in your career, obtaining one of the certifications from the National Association of Mortgage Processors will also help your resume stand out. A certification coupled with your work experience will demonstrate to employers your aptitude and likelihood for success.

Loan processor job description example

At Unified Mortgage LLC, we strive to put our customers first and help them get a loan so they can live in their dream house. The ideal candidate will have a https://www.maxloan.org/payday-loans-de/ high school diploma/GED or a certificate in a loan processing program from an accredited university. Current students working towards an associate or bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field will also be considered.

The loan processor candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills, be highly-organized and detail-oriented, and have the ability to work under pressure. A successful applicant will manage both residential and commercial real estate loan documents and be a quality reviewer for completeness and complacency with banking regulations. Our company is currently experiencing rapid growth and would like you to join our dynamic organization today.

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