Industry 4.0 has driven the escalation of technology industry development in the world and given birth to the concept of digital economy. One of the developing business activities in this era is Financial Technology (Fintech) business activity. As a relatively new business activity in Indonesia, the implementation of Financial Technology business activities is constantly regulated and supervised by the government institutions. Surya Mandela & Partners has the experience in providing professional legal consultation to various Fintech companies in Indonesia, from business planning, registration, licensing, general corporate stages to disputes that may arise in the operation of this business activity.


We have in-depth comprehension and effective strategies as well as qualified experience in assisting and representing both our individual and corporate clients in handling their civil litigation cases. We invariably ensure to provide legal services that are right on target starting from the preparation or drafting of the necessary legal documents to the dispute resolution process in the Court. Advocates of Surya Mandela & Partners are registered with the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI).


Surya Mandela & Partners also provides professional legal services to handle criminal cases. As known, the process of criminal law enforcement can be time-consuming with a complicated process, therefore Advocates of Surya Mandela & Partners are professional advocates who always provide sharp and optimal legal analysis in representing and assisting criminal litigation process faced or reported by client from the process of preliminary investigation, investigation, prosecution, to the judicial stage.


We are experienced in providing services to our clients both national, foreign companies, and multinational companies engaged in the fields of financial technology, digital financial innovation, financial services, construction, infrastructure, property and telecommunications. The legal services we have handled cover all aspects of general corporate including legal due diligence, contract review, compliance and risk management, go public companies, company establishment, foreign investment and liquidation. We also provide sound and practical legal advices and services combined with the understanding to meet our clients’ business needs which cover a broad range of financial and banking transactions including asset acquisition, share acquisition, restructuration and insolvency.


In the event of debt restructuration through the Suspension of Debt Payment (Penundaan Kewajiban Pembayaran Utang/PKPU) or Bankruptcy mechanism, Surya Mandela & Partners can act as proxy for the debtor or for creditors to represent the Client in the debt restructuration process. As the debtor’s proxy, Surya Mandela & Partners provides consultation on corporate debt restructuration, prepares related documents, negotiates restructuration agreements, and provides advices on bankruptcy matters. We also have experiences representing several companies in the filing of PKPU applications and bankruptcy lawsuits.


The development of business activities in a company can trigger disputes between the Company and Workers. Surya Mandela & Partners are experiences in representing companies and workers in the resolution of industrial relations disputes through either Bipartite, Tripartite, or the Industrial Relations Court. We are also involved in the process of drafting of Company Regulations, Collective Labor Agreements, and Employment Agreements in several Companies. We also provide consultation to several multinational companies on the development of manpower regulations in Indonesia.


Surya Mandela & Partners has extensive knowledge and experience in handling various cases related to Intellectual Property Law, including: filing for copyright and trademark registration, filing an appeal against rejection of trademark registration and other cases. We also provide consultation on issues surrounding intellectual property rights and handling of disputes that may arise in the future.


We are experienced in representing and assisting various companies in handling business dispute processes that are resolved before the arbitration institution of the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia/BANI). We also provide legal services in the form of consultation and preparation of legal documents required during the Arbitration process.


Surya Mandela & Partners is one of the law firms in Indonesia that handles political party disputes, State Administration disputes and judicial review of laws. We also have experiences assisting and representing several regional head candidates in Indonesia in disputes over general election results at the Constitutional Court.


We provide legal services related to property business including on asset sales, land leases, financing, land purchases, land clearing, issuance of certificates of ownership and disputes over land ownership or land rights. On several occasions, we have successfully completed several simple and complex property ownership transactions.