Social life opens up the opportunities for various interactions between one group and another, individuals with individuals, legal entities with legal entities or vice versa. Not infrequently, this interaction leads to the emergence of a legal relationship between 2 (two) or more legal subjects which gives rise to the imposition of rights and obligations between one another. It is undeniable that the legal relationship between 2 (two) or more legal subjects can lead to disputes. Based on the laws and regulations in Indonesia, the settlement of a civil dispute can be conducted through a district court or arbitration.

Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations
(PKPU) & Bankruptcy

Settlement of debt issues may also be carried out through a request for suspension of debt payment obligations to restructure a debtor’s debts and a bankruptcy petition for general confiscation of a debtor’s assets. The existence of legal rules regarding bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment obligations provides protection and fair and balanced treatment to the stakeholders such as creditors and debtors. The provision of protection is not only given to the creditors in the form of the right to get repayment of the debtors’ outstanding debts from the sale of the debtor’s assets, but also the debtors with good faith are also given balanced protection in the settlement process, especially for individual debtors in the settlement of bankruptcy cases in Indonesia
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A company can be a victim of a criminal act and, vice versa, it can also be a criminal which is charged with criminal liability. Surya Mandela & Partners has an extensive experience in handling and assisting criminal litigation cases, particularly for corporations, whether as victims, witnesses, or criminal suspects.