Debt Settlement

Entering a new era of economic development, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, has encouraged a revival on sustainable economic that aims to reshape the economic landscape of a healthy society. Based on this, the implementation of business activities by various companies in any line of business become the pillars of the driving force of the nation’s economy which ideally can improve the community welfare. In the operation of business, the concept of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) is known which ideally can provide great benefits to all parties at once, both to the business organizers themselves, business partners, as well as to the community as consumers. However, in reality, B2B and B2C cooperative relationships do not always function smoothly, in certain circumstances there are parties who have completed all of their obligations but have not yet received their rights. 
In business practice, both in B2B and B2C relationships, there are large amounts of uncollectible receivables and naturally this causes big losses for business actors.
Therefore, every business actor needs to conduct optimum efforts to ensure that their business partners or consumers fulfill all their obligations. In addition to the efforts carried out by the business actors, efforts to fulfill obligations or collection can also be authorized to law offices. Collection as part of the business process shall always prioritize morality and professionalism so that the company’s credibility is maintained and bad debt recovery remains optimal. Collection that does not comply with the principles will be detrimental to the company as it involves the relevant company’s reputation and the resulting lawsuits.
Surya Mandela & Partners is a law firm with experiences in collection processes for and on behalf of business actors providing goods and services. Surya Mandela & Partners is experienced in carrying out collection process by prioritizing a persuasive approach, namely by first conveying warnings and conducting mediation or meetings to discuss the settlement of rights and obligations prior to further taking legal action in the form of Civil Lawsuits, Police Reports or Requests for Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations & Bankruptcy.