Business development in Indonesia is experiencing rapid growth in various industrial fields. This rapid growth shall be accompanied by compliance of the provisions of the applicable business law in Indonesia. The business law aspect plays a highly vital role in supporting the continuity of the operation of healthy business activities. Therefore, the presence of a legal consultant is important to provide input in the legal field for any business transactions carried out by the company.
Surya Mandela & Partners is experienced in providing services to clients both national, foreign and multinational companies engaged in financial technology, digital financial innovation, financial services, construction, infrastructure, property and telecommunications. Legal services that have been handled cover all aspects of general corporations including legal due diligence, contract review, compliance and risk management, go public companies, company establishment, foreign investment and liquidation. Surya Mandela & Partners also provides sound and practical legal advice and services combined with understanding to meet clients’ business needs which cover a wide range of financial and banking transactions including asset and share acquisitions.


Entering the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0, industrial development in the financial services sector is progressing rapidly, especially in the field of Financial Technology (Fintech). The emergence of various business innovations in the Fintech field is also followed by various new regulations that are issued dynamically. In response to such issue, Surya Mandela and Partners welcomes the existing changes by playing an active role in updating complete database of various applicable laws and regulations and professional analysis of various fintech regulatory issues.
Since 2018, Surya Mandela & Partners has provided corporate services to many financial technology companies in implementing compliance with the competent authorities. Surya Mandela & Partners also has experiences in dealing with various legal issues that are currently being faced by financial technology companies as well as establishing risk mitigation to avoid legal problems in the future by applying good corporate governance principles in the implementation of business activities.